Participation Paperwork Packet

Nampa High School Participation Packet

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Dear Parent/Guardian:

In order to insure efficient and appropriate health care for your child, we must ask you to complete several forms before allowing your child to participate in interscholastic athletics or extracurricular activities.

If you should have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Director.

Please follow the directions for completing the participation forms and turn into Athletic Department.

Pages 1-6: Participation & Code of Conduct (Keep for your reference)

Page 7:       Program/Activity Participation and Release Form (Completed Every Year)
COMPLETE Top section Read, Initial, Sign, and Date.

Page 9:       Interim Health Questionnaire, Consent Form (Completed Every Year)
COMPLETELY fill out the front of the Interim Questionnaire and Consent. Sign and Date at the bottom.

Page 10:       Athletic Physical Form (**See Note)
Physical exams must be conducted by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner in the state of Idaho.

Page 11:       Emergency Card (Completed Every Year)
To ensure proper contact information is on file, update yearly.  Read, Complete, Sign, and Date.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Incomplete/blank forms will not be accepted!

**NOTE: All 9th and 11th grade students are required to undergo a physical examination and have it on file with the school prior to their first practice in any IHSAA sponsored sport or activity. Students who have a physical in their 10th grade year must have another physical for the 11th grade year. If the student is a transfer from another state, they must have an Idaho physical.

Paperwork Due Dates:
Fall Sports: First Week of August
Winter Sports: First Week of November
Spring Sports: Last Week of February

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