Concussion Management Plan

Concussion Education & Training
As the science involving concussion is rapidly evolving, our team is working hard to get the most up-to-date information to those on the front-line – athletes, parents of athletes and coaches.

The goal is to educate those around the athletes so they can better understand, prevent and recognize concussions earlier. These programs are made up of four modules – some of the firsts of their kind – are excellent resources for you. Each one is presented in an interactive format, and includes downloadable resources for you to have on hand, such as fact sheets, protocol, management plans, and more.

Click on the links below to view free online concussion education modules for parents, athletes, and coaches.

Idaho Concussion Education and Training Video for Parents & Athletes

Concussion Resources and CDC Information

NSD Concussion Management Plan-Summarized_2018

Nampa School District Concussion Information Form_2018

Idaho Concussion Education for Coaches by St. Luke’s
St. Luke’s Concussion Parent Handout

Idaho Safe Return To Play Policy
Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes (Heads Up)
Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents (Heads Up)
Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches (Heads Up)
Concussion Fact Sheet for Schools (Heads Up)
Concussion – Academic Management