Multiple Teams · Lewiston-Clarkston Tennis Tournament Results

Lewiston-Clarkston Tennis Tournament 3/16-3/17

Twelve teams participated from Tri-Cities, Southern Idaho, Spokane, and LC Valley.  Several Matches on Saturday were cancelled due to weather conditions.


First Place–Nampa

Second Place—Med

Championship Bracket Finals

#1 Boys Singles                 1st Kace Heiner Nampa, 2nd Hank Johnson Mt. Spokane

#2 Boys Singles                 1st Graham Clark Mt. Spokane, 2nd Cordale Herzog Nampa

#3 Boys Singles                 1st Robert Patriquin Nampa, 2nd George Johnson Mt. Spokane

#1 Boys Doubles               1st Michael Campbell/Jared Tayler Capital 2nd Dalling Felix/Blake Kuhl Nampa

#2 Boys Doubles               1st Kedrick Stellway/Grant Stang Nampa

2nd Conor Busch/Hayden Reid Ferris

#1 Girls Singles                  1st Katie Kuka Mead, 2nd Gina Dudley Capital

#2 Girls Singles                  1st Momaka Capital, 2nd Kerington Tenwick Clarkston

#3 Girls Singles                  1st Julia Meyer Mead, 2nd Emma Truby Nampa

#1 Girls Doubles               1st Emma Koehler/Sophie Koehler Mead

2nd Jena Lawrey/Julia Lawrey Mt. Spokane

#2 Girls Doubles               1st Elena Gardner/Phoebe Milatz Mead

2nd MJ Espey/Kendra Zirschky Nampa

#1 Mixed Doubles            1st Nathan Webster/April Buckingham Kennewick

2nd Alex Alonzo/Jill Hughes Nampa

#2 Mixed Doubles            1st Carley Menner/Jacob Davis Mead

2nd Ben Postell/Tia Vierling Moscow

Consolation Bracket Finals

#1 Boys Singles                 Eric Liu Mead

#2 Boys Singles                 Gabe Orwig Mead

#3 Boys Singles                 Eli Thomas Lewiston

#1 Boys Doubles               Matt Cekotovih/Zach Preston Mead

#2 Boys Doubles               Will Austin/Jacob Thomann Capital


#1 Girls Singles                  Lisa Chung Kamiakin

#2 Girls Singles                  Huawzi Merenz Ferris

#3 Girls Singles                  Myranda Wilsey Mt. Spokane

#1 Girls Doubles               Sidney Harrich/Rae Ann Kirk Lewiston

#2 Girls Doubles               Sierra Paulson/Kayla Kaufman Lewiston


#1 Mixed Doubles            Aven Emerson/Haley Summer Ferris

#2 Mixed Doubles            Nathan Haufman/Catie DeMille